Wellness Providers

Each year across the country, thousands of community-based health fairs touch millions of people who may not otherwise be engaged in the health and wellness promotion activities. These services, including free and low cost screenings, health literacy awareness and referral services, offer an important touch point for an underservedpopulation that may prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

Wellness providers who organize this health fairs face several challenges to capture the participant’s data, analyze the data post health fair and follow-up with participants who have discovered health risks during the health fair. Community Well is a source to provide access to tools that will help Wellness providers to set up the forms used in the health fairs, onboard the volunteers and organizing team at a common place, capture data in those forms, analyze the data captured in the forms post health fair and effectively follow-up with patients by using interactive text messaging service.

Health Fair Management platform will provide Wellness Providers ability to,
  • Setup health fair stations.
  • Create public facing profile page for upcoming health fair.
  • Allow participants to register online.
  • Invite and manage organization members, health fair volunteers and partners.
  • Collect data on the day of the health fair.
  • Analyze data using summarized reports.

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Templates and Services will provide Wellness Providers ability to,
  • Create new form templates
  • Upload new education material
  • Make templates public
  • Buy new customizable forms mapped to different health categories.

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SMS solution will provide Wellness Providers ability to,
  • Follow up with patients via text messaging
  • Create text messaging library
  • Use existing text messaging library.

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