About Us

Community Well was founded in July 2014 by researchers and professionals in the healthcare industry who were actively researching on health fairs and looking for ways to improve health fairs. After visiting several health fairs and reviewing literature available on health fair, we were able to come up with an intuitive and effective platform that will help to bond all the entities of the health fairs and health campaigns in a seamless integrated flow.

We offer access to not only tools for capturing data in health fair but also provide access to form library and text messaging library prepared by leading public health researchers for effective outcomes. Our mission is to

  • Provide better accessto and utilizationof treatments and preventive care services across the community.
  • Easier and more effective management and reporting by community health partners through innovative informatics.
  • More informed, engagedand activated health fair participants.
  • Improvements in community health indicators, e.g. reduction in disease burden, reduction in ER visits, increase in adherence.
  • Increased Value of Information for Community Health.
  • Widespread marketing of upcoming health fair for improved participant response.
  • Provide access to health seekers to their health information and tests result collected in the health fairs.
  • Provide health seekers a source to get involved in health education campaigns.

We wouldn't have been successful without the support of our partners.