Manage Wellness Events

Providing easy to use, flexible tools, forms and services to make your health fair, wellness promotion, or other health campaign run smoothly from start to after-the-activity reporting.

Empower Community

Improving communication and engagement with the community. Interactive messaging supporting personalized access, education, activation and empowerment.

Reporting and Analytics

Making reporting easy. Turning data into the information you need. Export to Excel and other visualization tools. Community benefit information and population-wide reports for public health use.

Upcoming Health Fairs

One Stop Solution for

  • End-to-end health fair management
  • Health fair tracking
  • Health fair participation
  • Patient referral
  • Patient engagement

Health Fair Organizers

Community Well is designed to help organizers of community health events easily setup and manage events using our secure cloud platform. Built with the tools needed to easily plan, setup and run events efficiently and engage with participants and service providers to create the most impact possible from your community health efforts and investments.

Our Partners

Community Well has been developed in partnership with the Center for Health Information and Decision Systems and the Maryland Center for Health Equity, centers of excellence at the University of Maryland at College Park, and with community health organization partners including our colleagues at the Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County, Adventist Healthcare, and others. Technology partners include Cisco, Google, Verizon, Fraunhofer USA and AT&T.

Public Health Orgs

Enable easier reporting, program management and support to your partners through an affordable community subscription to Community Well. Get this most impact from your community health outreach investments.